WordPress CMS Powers 30% of Websites

30% from among the top 10 million websites are run on WordPress. This indeed is not so surprising considering the amazing features the software is built on. Automattic, a US-based web development company created the WordPress.com.

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This report is based on the recent survey conducted by W3Techs, a division of the Austrian consulting firm Q- Success.  W3Techs does a scanning of the top 10,000.000 websites as defined by Alexa rankings. It then takes a three-month average and has made its announcement that nearly 1/3rd out of the sites are powered by the popular content management system(CMS).

This marks a significant 5% increase from the previous survey in 2015 where it controlled 25% of all sites across the web. WordPress.com has been dominating from the time of its inception. The figure of 30% is gathered from all the sites on the web, and it is worth noting, there are many sites that do not use any CMS. This means there is a scope for improving the figure as more sites start using CMSs.

If you consider the actual market share, WP controls 60% which again is a remarkable growth from the 2015 share of 58%.  WordPress is way ahead of other systems such as Drupal, Joomla, Shopify, Magento and many similar.  Joomla is the closest. It retains its second position with an improvement in market share from 2.8% to 3.1%.

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The news comes as a big boost and encouragement for the community of WP developers who work enthusiastically to develop themes and plugins making it convenient for the web designers and web development companies like wpcodeup.com offering WordPress packages.

WordPress was first initiated as a blogging platform in 2003 and later was split in- to two versions. The first version is non-hosted free open-source software that anybody can download to use while the other version is the hosted option available at wordpress that comes with a few additional features and dedicated support.

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